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Company History:

The Adventurous Mike was founded by a guy , Mike, who one day had enough of the 9-5 job in a cubical and wanted to discover more to the world and life. He took some time off from the professional workforce to follow his personal dreams of traveling the world. During this “adventure” he had the opportunity to discover new places, experience different cultures, build internals relations, develop new skills and challenge himself in unforeseen situations.

That’s all great for Mike, but after his adventure he decided he wanted to share this learning and development experience with other people. He wanted to inspire the “Average Joe” to do the same. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, family vacation, holiday trip, sabbatical or extended journey; Mike wants to support everyone and anyone with their life adventures to come. For these reason, he started the Adventurous Mike and we hope we can help and inspire you to take an ADVENTURE of your own.

Changing your approach to traveling

What we offer:

Travel Buddy Discussion Board:
Planning a trip? Need travel suggestions? Do you want that adventure inspiration? Check out our discussion board to connect with other travelers. Read, Post, Comment, and Share!
Travel Apps:
Check out or apps page to read about some tops "must have" apps for your next travel experience.
Do you have any suggestions for new travel apps which would help you be more adventurous? Shoot us a message on the "contact us" page so we can work to develop apps to ease your adventures.
"Your Travel Pics" Gallery Page:
Check out the gallery page where our followers send us pictures of their recent trips. Send us your pics and we will share them.
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